5 alternatives to a second hand office furniture!
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You can usually look around Craigslist to get used office chairs, but if you are looking for other alternatives, you will find this list helpful:

1. Ubokia

This is a popular site where you can buy second hand office furniture derby for your office exactly the way you may want it. You can list the size, color, and price that you want and the sellers at Ubokia will vie for your purchase.

2. Move Loot

If you are going to purchase second hand office furniture, fixtures or décor or want to sell it online, Move Loot is the site for you. They have a full-service market – they offer items on line and provide pick-up storage and delivery. You can be sure that you will get your money’s worth because they make a through quality inspection before selling anything on their site.

3. Chairish

Looking for good quality office furnitures? Go to Chairish and enjoy free shipping and delivery. If you want to sell furniture online, you can put your items up on list for free. What’s more, Charisse has an app on Iphone that makes it easy for buyers and sellers to browse and make transactions.

4. AptDeco

When you are going to dispose of old office furniture, it is better to sell it on AptDeco instead of having people you don’t know come in and check it out in your private space. AptDeco is a place where sellers and buyers can experience smooth and easy-to-process transactions.

5. Krrb

You can discover globally-inspired second hand office furniture through Krrb. This website allows you to find the furniture that you want simply by keying in your location on their secure site to find sellers that are near your area. Krrb is safe and friendly. More importantly, they don’t charge anything for transactions.

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